Cruise Tourism Brought Svalbard NOK 110 Million

Tourism has been highlighted as an critical industry for Svalbard now and inside the future years. As Arctic tourism maintains to develop, the travel industry is taking steps to contribute to understanding-based control of tourism in Svalbard. to this point, there has not existed an outline of how plenty cash cruise operators leave in the back of within the network while travelling Svalbard. a brand new take a look at brings these records to the table. The observe takes into consideration private spending with the aid of passengers whilst they're ashore as well as all the products and services that the operator purchases domestically, including supplies, shore and sea-based excursions, accommodation, port facilities and expenses.

The observe shows that excursion cruises have a mean economic contribution of four,235 NOK (USD 474) per passenger, while conventional cruises have an monetary contribution of 810 NOK (USD 90) according to passenger. The financial contribution per expedition cruise passenger is five,2 instances large than that of traditional cruise passengers. expedition cruise ships make huge purchases domestically in Svalbard, contributing to their high financial contribution in step with passenger.